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Bush Ranger Overland

The idea for the Bush Ranger Overland Series of Campers came while I was in the Australian Outback and I kept seeing these trucks with utility shells on the back of them and wondered what kind of amazing storage space they had in them and was seriously disappointed when I saw that most just had junk piled in them.

Toyota LC79 with Utility Box
Single Cab with Utility Box
The open Utility Box while organized seemed to me to be space that could be better used and with some clever engineering made into a sleeping area.

So I saw these amazingly capable off-road vehicles with these utility boxes on the back that had so much more potential in them. The utility box had the capability had the capability to be a sleeping area and that is how Bush Ranger Overland was born.

I am a perfectionist, and that does not mix well with the research and development required for a project of this natures so creating a working model has been a slow process.

The goal is to have a camper that can fit in the back of a truck, a utility type box that can replace the bed of a truck and a small trailer that can be towed off-road in extreme conditions.

Mission Statement – The Goal of Bush Ranger Overland is to provide high quality durable off-road products to the Overland Community, so that Adventurers can enjoy the out of doors with peace of mind knowing that they have equipment that they can rely on when they need it.

Traction Mat Carrier

Traction Mat Carrier on my ’76 Bronco
Traction Mat Carrier showing the mounting bracket, mount arm, locking lever and locking pin
Closeup of locking pin that can be replaced with a lock as a security measure

The Bush Ranger Overland Traction Mat Carrier is extremely versatile as it can be mounted to the bed rail of a truck, suspended from a roll bar or mounted to a bumper or tire carrier.

If interested in a Traction Mat Carrier, please contact Bush Ranger Overland for price and availability

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