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Floyd Getchell – Author

I have been writing for several years with several novels available on Amazon

My first novel, Capitulation, is currently being rewritten and has a new title, The Alien Copper Conspiracy.

My second Novel is a sequel to H.G. Wells, The War of the Worlds. Titled, Worlds at War.

I began writing a Novel inspired by the Firefly/Serenity TV Series and Movie. I wanted to create a ‘Verse that contained realistic planets in a known solar system with a compelling motivation to drive characters towards a common goal and thus was created Pilgrim’s Trail. I was about 20K words into the novel, when I introduced Artificial Intelligence Androids into the story and this changed it dramatically. II began researching AI, reading Isaac Asimov among others. The Novel took a dramatic turn at that point. The Pilgrim’s Trail Series has now grown into three novels about people struggling to live life along a section of the Pilgrim’s Trail about 500 years in the future and how society and people have changed with the assistance of AI companions.

All three novels are now available on Amazon both in hard copy and on Kindle.

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